Wylde is a Raleigh-based floral design studio and flower shop.


Our natural take on floral design is to incorporate flowers and botanical elements with the principles of color and composition found in nature. The Wylde aesthetic is free-form and organic. The inherent beauty of each bloom is highlighted against lively foliage to create a wild yet elegant statement.


photo by  Jillian Knight

Nikelle Orellana-Reyes

Nikelle, an art director and graphic designer by day, created Wylde in 2014 to take her love of flowers and gardening into a new direction. Her years of expertise working with form, color, and composition inform her nuanced aesthetic and spontaneous approach to floral design.

Nikelle loves nature and spending time outdoors where she can forage for beautiful specimens to use in future arrangements. She enjoys crafting and making things with her hands. 


Hannah Ross Clarke

Hannah Ross has been enthralled with plants since high school, when she stumbled into a Horticulture class and found one of her life’s greatest passions. Hannah went on to study sustainable agriculture and has a background in non-profit educational programs, particularly in gardening and cooking with kids. Floral design found Hannah a few years ago as she searched for a more creative way to explore her love of nature and work with her hands. Hannah tends Wylde’s cut flower garden just a few miles from downtown Raleigh, and loves to cook, read, ride horses, and explore the woods when she’s not flowering.

photo by Trek and Bloom

photo by Trek and Bloom