Team Flower Workshop 2015

I was incredibly fortunate to take part in this years Team Flower Workshop, put on by the one and only Kelly Perry of Philosophy Flowers. We spent three days talking and working in the mountains of Asheville at the North Carolina Arboretum. Kelly couldn't have picked a better spot to immerse us in the beauty of nature. 

Kelly talked about the importance of applying the principles of design to our art, something that I find essential to my floral practice. Hearing her go over the basics of form, color and line made me realize how much my graphic design experience has helped ease me into flower arranging.

The best part was being able to work with such amazing materials. There were so many flower varieties in the most amazing colors. And the smell! OMFG! It was pure heaven to spend 3 days surrounded by other like-minded ladies. Here's a look at a few things I made.

Special thanks to Kelly Perry, Ashley Beyer of Tinge, Holly Carlisle of Rosegolden Flowers and Deedie Springer of Spring Vine Design for all their inspiration and guidance.