A Mediterranean Dinner Party

I wanted to share some photos from a dinner party I hosted a few weeks ago. It was a rough winter so my husband and I had a few friends over to celebrate the end of the cold. I made a greek Mezza platter with roasted red peppers, humus, stuffed grape leaves, tatziki and herb encrusted feta. For dinner we made chicken and pork shishkabobs with lemon rice and kale salad. Let me be honest here, I'm not the world's best cook, but I think I fooled everyone into thinking I'm at least better than I really am. This book was my secret weapon.

I had menu's and name cards hand drafted by Janice Reyes (my sister-in-law), of Handmade Letters. Her work is absolutely stunning and she even crafted a joke menu for my husband. Make sure you check out her Instagram to see some of the daily letters she sends. 

The flower arrangements were my favorite part though. I mixed burgandy and white scabiosas with chocolate geranium leaves, flowering jasmine and delicate queen anne's lace. The show stoppers were the Hellebores though, they are one of my absolute favorites right now and such a beautiful way to signify the ending of the winter season. The jasmine and geranium smelled so amazing it was enough to make us forget all the nasty weather we just endured. All in all, the dinner was a great success, and were hoping to do another one soon. Maybe next time someone else can do the cooking...