Wylde at Holder Goods & Crafts

This past weekend was my first art exhibition as a floral designer. I'm so grateful to Sam and Meredith at Holder Goods & Crafts in Raleigh for asking me to be a part of their opening show and to the extremely talented BC for coordinating it all. 

The idea for my concept stemmed from an article in the New York Times Magazine about Sarah Ryhanaen of Saipua. It was her last quote of the interview that really resonated with me.

"People look at flowers as objects —as a decorating element, not a living thing. But sometimes the most beautiful thing is the most fleeting. The most fragrant, delicate rose — often those wilt in minutes. Flowers are about living in the moment, and then letting go."
— Sarah Ryhanaen

It's true, the loveliest flowers are oftentimes the ones that bloom and fade immediately. Symbolically,  flowers have served as a constant reminder of the frailty and impermanence of human life. Drawing upon this metaphor, I created five arrangements depicting the essence of five iconic women—Amelia Earhart, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Austen, Amy Winehouse, and Josephine Baker. These women all lived their lives at their fullest, only to expire just as suddenly, leaving a lasting impression that transcended time. Viewers were encouraged to observe the flowers as they thrived and ultimately withered away.

Amelia Earhart — 1897-1937

 A trailblazer and visionary in her time, Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to traverse the Atlantic Ocean alone. Earhart’s legacy earned her a rightful place as a feminist icon, as well as a strong motivational figure for young women.

Marilyn Monroe — 1926-1962

The 1950’s “Blonde Bombshell,” Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer. Her iconic femininity and provocative sexuality have such enduring appeal that Monroe is one of the most appropriated faces and names in popular culture.


Jane Austen — 1775-1817

English novelist Jane Austen was a pioneer in the genre of romantic fiction. Austen’s insight into character and wry commentary of a woman’s place in the sociocultural milieu of the times marked her prominent status in the literary canon. 

Amy Winehouse — 1983-2011

Amy Winehouse was a groundbreaking English singer-songwriter whose unique voice, eclectic sound, and evocative style redefined the female pop star. Winehouse’s influence ushered in a new generation of female musicians, who were equal parts strong-willed, bold yet vulnerable. 


Josephine Baker — 1906-1975

The American-born Josephine Baker was a renowned singer-dancer in France and the first black actress to star in a major motion film. Baker used her position as a celebrity to protest segregation and to advocate for children and orphans of color.

Biggest thanks to Hannah Ross for all her help with the arrangements.